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Growth Capital Partners is pleased to announce that it has recently concluded a transaction whereby it exited its investment in HP Labelling (Pty) Ltd, alongside fellow shareholders, to Caxton&CTP Publishes and Printers Limited (“CTP”).

Formed in 1962,HP Labelling offers high quality flexographic printing and hot and cold foil stamping across 2 manufacturing plants situated in Johannesburg
and Cape Town. HP Labelling covers the following market segments across South and Southern Africa :

  • Beverages: wine, liquor, fruit;
  • Food/Agriculture: Dairy; Food products;
  • Industrial: steel, aluminium, self adhesive, plastic bar coding labels;
  • Household products and detergent;
  • Personal care and pharmaceutical products; and
  • Horticulture.Growth Capital Partners acquired its investment in HP Labelling at a time when the company was embarking on a substantial capital expenditure programme, increasing capacity and entering the market of digital printing.

Growth Capital Partners were not only able to assist management in growing the business into an attractive asset for a listed player such as CTP, but they were also
instrumental in structuring a transaction that allowed all shareholders to realize maximum value for their investment.

Conrad Ruh, non-executive Chairman of HP Labelling.

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